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The IJEAT Journal is published by the Research Community Services Unit, Nusa Putra University.</p> en-US [email protected] (Paikun) [email protected] (Dudih Gustian) Wed, 29 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0700 OJS 60 Softskill And Hardskill Capability of Using Fish Pellet Machines in Fish Cultivation Groups in Ungaran <p>The hard skills and soft skills of catfish farmers in Beji Village, East Ungaran District in making pellets for fish food need to be improved so that fish farmers can produce fish pellets independently. Through training activities in making pellets for fish feed using a fish pellet molding machine, it is hoped that hard skills and soft skills can be improved. The hard skills tested include the ability to turn on and set up a pellet molding machine, the ability to disassemble and reassemble a fish pellet molding machine, the ability to practically name the parts of a fish pellet molding machine, the ability to identify damage to machine spare parts. Meanwhile, for the soft skill criteria, the following sub-criteria are: ability to analyze damage to fish pellet molding machines, ability to explain the parts of fish pellet molding machines, ability to explain the function of parts of fish pellet molding machines, ability to explain how to maintain pellet molding machines. fish. The result of this training is that the hard skills and soft skills of the training participants from the fish cultivation group in Beji Village, East Ungaran District have increased.</p> Arif Rakhman Suharso Arif; Sri Tutie Rahayu; Wahyu Ari Putranto, Dewa Gede Alit Astawa, Sandy Setyawan Copyright (c) 2023 Arif Rakhman Suharso, Sri Tutie Rahayu, Wahyu Ari Putranto, Dewa Gede Alit Astawa ,Sandy Setyawan Mon, 27 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Arduino-Based Ship Steering Simulation by Comparing Incremental Rotary Encoder Sensor with Infrared Sensor <p>In vocational institution, practicum activities can be done by using a bridge simulator, such as in the nautical study program, which has a steering component in the simulator. In our engineering study program, we tried to design a ship steering simulation by comparing an incremental rotary encoder sensor with an infrared sensor to determine the direction and degree of rotation. The steering gear is a very important tool of a ship because it determines the safety of the ship. Therefore, the rudder must meet the requirements set by SOLAS 74 rule 29 Chapter II regarding steering gear. When the ship is traveling at maximum economic speed, the main steering gear must be able to steer 35 degrees to the left/right within 28 seconds. In connection with this, we wanted to design, build, and manufacture a tool that can simulate ship steering. This simulation tool that we have designed generally has several capabilities such as being able to steer the ship from 35 degrees port to 35 degrees starboard, or vice versa, during maximum engine speed and load in a maximum period of 28 seconds. [1] Arduino is used to process data from incremental rotary encoder sensors and infrared sensors which will be sent via serial USB to the computer. Rotary encoders and infrared are used to determine how many degrees the ship will turn right or left, both are compared in terms of time and accuracy. To display a ship's steering simulation, a visual basic application is used to display a ship's movement simulation, ship's steering and ship's rudder.</p> Arif Rakhman Suharso, Ario Hendartono, Deri Herdawan; Marina Artiyasa; Marina Artiyasa; Dudih Gustian Copyright (c) 2023 Arif Rakhman Suharso, Ario Hendartono, Deri Herdawan, Marina Artiyasa, Purwanto, Dudih Gustian Mon, 27 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Planning and Analysis of Hybrid Solar Power Plant at Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Nusa Putra Sukabumi University <p>The increasing use of fossil fuel vehicles causes an increase in air pollution. Electric vehicles are an environmentally friendly transportation alternative, but the problem of charging electric motorbike batteries is a limiting factor to their use. Especially in areas where battery charging facilities are still limited. This study aims to simulate the performance of a hybrid photovoltaic (PV) system using HOMER software for charging batteries on electric motorbikes at the University of Nusa Putra Sukabumi. This research conducts a feasibility study, calculates the Net present Cost (NPC) Cost of Energy (COE) and Break Event Point (BEP) energy requirements to design a PV system, and simulates its performance using HOMER software. This research produces a renewable value fraction of 25.3%. The design of the Hybrid system has been achieved because all the components of the hybrid system at SPBKLU of Nusa Putra University have been fulfilled consisting of 22 545 Wp solar panels, 2 48 V 50 Ah batteries, and 4 4 kW Hybrid Inverters. Based on the economic analysis, the NPC value is IDR 165,882,507, the initial capital cost is IDR 61,432,496, the Cost of Energy is IDR 120,421 /kWh, and the BEP for 11 years</p> Marina Artiyasa, Rohmat Pauzan; Anang Suryana, Satish Kumar Damodar Copyright (c) 2023 Marina Artiyasa, Rohmat Pauzan, Anang Suryana, Satish Kumar Damodar Mon, 27 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Analysis and Identification of Factors Causing Flooding at Sukabumi City Terminal <p>The plumbing system is an inseparable part of a multi-storey building. The plumbing system at the hotel is used to provide clean water and hot water needs. To meet the need for clean water in the design of an 8 floors building with a total of 45 inhabitants, an average number of 2,706 people per month and 100 visitors per day, a <em>ground water</em> <em>tank</em> capacity of 404.5 is required. m3 / and for the top water tank (Roof Tank) used a water reservoir of 21.59 m3. Based on the results of calculations for hot water needs where the toll of hot water needs per day is 12,900 liters including heat loss with 100% hotel occupancy and for heating time, it is obtained 9.79 hours / day using 2 units of heater heater 21.04 Kw</p> Utamy Sukmayu Saputri, Ruli Maulana, Muhammad Hidayat, Dio Damas Permadi, Nita Kurnita Sari; Jeanne Sauce Copyright (c) 2023 Utamy Sukmayu Saputrii, Ruli Maulana, Muhammad Hidayat, Dio Damas Permadi, Nita Kurnita Sari, Jeanne Sauce Mon, 27 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Optimization of Public Transportation Noses in the Implementation of Electric Vehicle-Based Green Infrastructure to Realize a Green City In the Nusantara Capital Region Through Implementation Of Renewable Energy <p>Law Number 3 of 2022 is the legal basis for moving the National Capital from DKI Jakarta to Sepaku, East Kalimantan, which is called the Capital City of the Archipelago (IKN). To prevent serious emissions cases from recurring in the capital city of Jakarta, the low emission zone concept needs to be implemented to achieve a smart and green city area in IKN. Community mobility in IKN is directed at 80% to use public transportation with an access time of 10 minutes to public transportation nodes, so that with the large area of ​​IKN it is very necessary to optimize the development of public transportation nodes. This research aims to determine the use of the type of electric vehicle with the lowest emissions and determine the optimal number of bus terminal mapping, so that it can reduce emissions due to transportation activities and create financial savings in the process of installing solar panels as a means of converting renewable energy sources at each bus terminal in the IKN area. . This research method was carried out by studying a literature review regarding electric vehicles and using the set covering problem method in determining the optimal number of bus terminals, as well as using the interview method to obtain primary data. BEV type electric vehicles are most suitable for use in IKN, because they emit fewer emissions than other types. In creating optimization, there are six bus terminal construction locations that can serve other areas in IKN.</p> Sofyan Rahardian Dewantoro; I Kadek Suryana; Desak Putu Nita Suadnyani; Arif Devi Dwipayana Copyright (c) 2023 Sofyan Rahardian Dewantoroa, I Kadek Suryanab,2 , Desak Putu Nita Suadnyani, Arif Devi Dwipayana Mon, 27 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0700